Burn Business: Rugbytots Stirling & Clackmannanshire

We’re promoting companies from our community during the COVID-19 lockdown. Featured in this second article is David Grainey and his Rugbytots franchise.

What does your business do?

I own and operate a franchise of Rugbytots in the Forth Valley.

Rugbytots is an educational rugby play programme for young children, aimed at developing skills like running, catching, passing and fitness – and having loads of fun doing it.

Rugbytots also works on their colours, shapes and numbers along with imaginative play and communication skills.

Children gain confidence and build friendships at our classes and they are a great building block going forward.

How has COVID-19 affected your business?

It has stopped us from running our normal classes and camps. We’re no longer in schools or nurseries, which has stopped our income as no rebooking can be done until all of this is over.

We don’t get any support from the government as we are just under 1 year in business so it’s hit us very hard. We haven’t had an income since January, and I’m not sure if we’ll recover financially.

How can we help your business right now?

Spread the word. Or if you can, get the kids booked onto our waiting lists and you can join back up when classes go live again.

You can also book up for online parties, birthday parties or any celebration for children as we can arrange these over zoom for a small fee. You can reach us on 0345 313 0424 or at

Other than that, help promote our business by word of mouth and help us grow on the other side. Hopefully we will still be in business at the end of this!

What’s your connection to Bannockburn RFC?

Current player and coach.

David Grainey kicking a conversion for Bannockburn Rugby Club
David Grainey kicks a conversion for Bannockburn

Favourite Bannockburn player?

Can I say myself? Haha! Let’s go for Kieran Penny. He’s shown a lot of growth over the last season and I’ve been really impressed.

Anything you want to say?

We’d like to offer the Bannockburn RFC community discounted online parties for kids, starting at just £40.

We’re also open to private 1-2-1 classes over Zoom for any children at a small fee, and hoping to offer a free invite to everyone to come along to our open day when we are able to relaunch.

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Phone: 0345 313 0424