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Letter from Martin Kenny

After more than 12 years of formal involvement with the club, Martin Kenny is taking a breather. Most recently Martin was the club’s chairman, stepping down after the 2020 AGM.

Letter from Martin

Dear all,

This is my goodbye, but during the last 12+ years I have been so impressed by the professionalism of the club and the volunteers who have made Bannockburn RFC a club you can all be proud of. I thank you all personally for that, and for your continued commitment.

Leading force

The club continues to deliver a first class service and is – and always will be – respected as a leading force in providing rugby to Bannockburn and the eastern villages.

I personally have had the chance to meet so many lovely people with the desire to achieve, and for that I am grateful.

Future development

As with any club, changes are required to sustain development for the future and to achieve goals and outcomes.

I am very lucky to have worked at all levels of the club, from being a dad with my kids playing rugby, a coach, committee member and latterly as your Chairman.

I know that you will now have the leadership that will get the club to the place it desires. I am confident that you will all support the new committee and its volunteers as you move forward.

Thank you for your continued effort and the experiences you have provided me and my family.

Goodbye for now, but not forever. 🙂

Martin Kenny